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Happy Covidays.

It has been a helluva of a year. It’s been so bad I don’t even need to discuss it anymore because everyone, and I mean literally everyone, is affected. Murphy’s law was so on point this year.

Okay, this year has not been a complete downer for me. I passed my licensure exams after years of grueling work and several months of emotional roller coaster. Four years of medical school, one year breakdown and another year of internship and I have reaped the fruits of my labor… kinda.

The thing when you are a professional is, especially a doctor, the learning does not end. We see doctors with mile-long abbreviations after their names and for good reason. I personally don’t think I’ll get to that point as I don’t intend to pursue residency (medical specialty training) anytime soon (this might change).

My point is, it is not here that my career ends but rather, ’tis the beginning of an even longer journey. I am genuinely excited for the challenges ahead of me.

I don’t have much to post about Christmas. I’m not particular about it although I follow the tradition. But I feel this season is the perfect time to reassess life decisions and plans. I do not have a definite “new year resolution list” but a fresh leaf hails new beginnings — another opportunity to learn from mistakes, overcome failure, and forgive one’s self. Humans are fascinating such that we are always capable of reinventing ourselves.

I don’t have much in my mind today but as part of my “reinvention” project, I will write more often in this blog.

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